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Professional Summary

Zeskullz get in real live 1 million followers and this Meta Zeskullz project open Metaverse side. 
Collaborated with worldwide success Artist such like: Ann Andrzhievskaia, Balykin Pavel, Pyotr Dyakov, Soldart, Adonai, Viktoria Veisbrut, Daniil Vasiliev and many more.
Created unique NFT pieces drop and present via: Binance NFT, Thierd Place Gallery, Musee Dezentral. He perform like speaker on biggest events about NFT and IT technology’s such like: Ted x, ADE, Dubai Expo and more.
In the music industry work from 1996. Resident of Radio Record best Dance Radio in Europe. He release his tracks via: Universal Music, Armada, Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Sony, etc. He performed and his tracks are supported by: Snake, Skrillex, Diplo, David Guetta, etc. Member of BMG. Author of 2 books "Das Ziel", "Artist". Ceo in international Biohacking community Human3000. Product Manager and founder in Amadei music service for Independent Artists, which was included in the 500 Startups and get 10 000 000 USD level.


Writing Reality     Augmented Reality    Metahuman 
Virtual Influencer 
  NFT Games    Future Fashion    Metaverse Concerts 

Work Experience

In Music industry form 1996.

Managing IT projects for over 7 years.
Work with projects with an estimate of more than 10 million dollars.

Main directions: Vr, Ar, IA.


Antwerpen Digital Design Academy, World Skills, Icon Collective, Berklee


Zeskullz Meta is your guide to the Metaverse. He is a musician, Meta influencer and jewelry lover. You will go to his Metaverse concerts, buy and wear his jewelry, and even play his NFT Games.

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